This is why your business urgently need video marketing

You have all the ideas how to operate a business and sitting with a complete blue print of a business plan or how to make business strategies but are you still struggling in advertising your business, this question comes in your mind who to get the attention of users, promotion on social media is becoming a tussle for you ?Are you also facing problems in explaining 1 plan to many people or Do You also want rapid growth of your business in this digital environment ?

 It is the basic problem many of us are facing. After working hard, spending hours on writing blogs still not receiving ideal attention on the post. It’s high time to switch your method of marketing  your product. promotion through video is the best way to engage your customer.

What is video marketing?

Isn’t it more attractive to watch video to understand any product, that is the reason why Video marketing is on fire.Think how it looks when a famous or may be not but a  professional spokesperson explains your product in the best way, and suppose when they are speaking, complimenting aura is also created by animation and visuals. It is all possible with the help of video marketing.

Video marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies of nowadays, video marketing is creative and visual representation of a product with the medium of Videos, it works using video to market and promote the product of any brand. With the help of different types of video strategies you can enhance your, according to research of buffer companies that add videos in their marketing drive, have 27 % higher click through rate and 34% higher conversion rate.

So it’s worth investing in video making not just because it is the latest trend but also because it is the most easy and versatile medium to understand. We at Mishi media helps 35+ countries we offers services to increase the sale of business, our spokespersons are appreciated in world wide  
Good reviews are the biggest reward for us, or your appreciation boosts us to work hard.

How video marketing works

Whenever you open any internet platform you always find video advertisements because video marketing is all over the internet, it promotes your brand by showing the best of your company. It may be in terms of cost, size, quantity or any feature. It’s easy for a customer to believe what they see from their eyes, it builds trust among customers. Video marketing raises awareness about making is an amazing art to show your product’s features with a story that engages users more with the product.

Types of videos produce in a production company

In a video production company there are many kind of videos being shoot :

  •  Breaking news video

These kinds of videos are very important for people  who want to keep updated with the current affairs. It is the special reporting video in which the reporter provides you the Hot news and captures all the current happenings in the world.

  • Teaser Video

It is a small video ad of pre-launch of any product or company, it’s a kinda initial showcase of a big film. These kinds of videos are pretty interesting; it makes customers excited about the launch of the product.

  •  Introduction Video

 These videos are one of the best types to introduce your product to the customer.
Introductory video is small video in which a spokesperson educates basic details about the brand and its products with the help of visuals and graphics it looks more attractive.

  • explainer videos

It is also a small video advertisement which explains your company and it’s product and services provided by the company. It’s often placed on websites 1st page or on social media pages of the company that attracts and increases customers engagement.

  • Testimonial Videos

 Testimonial videos are the videos in which any person provides positive reviews or feedback about a company’s product, that is the reason why celebrity presence is  very common in such ads, because people connect the product with the celebrity or can say it a kind of emotional attraction towards that product.


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